What has changed?  With the growth of our school, space is limited.  This summer Huntsville City Schools developed a new FAcilities Use Structure and Rate Schedule per the Board of Education.  These items determine new requirements for who/how space within the school is charged.  They also no longer allow PTA to be a club sponsor.  All clubs must now pay hourly for the space provided to them and secure a $1million liability insurance policy - unless sponsored by a teacher staff member.  Those clubs sponsored by a staff member must be free for students.


Where did my favorite club go?  With the above changes, German has decided she cannot continue and Art is questionable.  Chess is being sponsored by a staff member and SteamWorks and Fantasy Playhouse, which already carry insurance as they are non-profit companies, are incorporating any new fees into their rate structure.  I am still waiting to hear from FitKids, but time is rapidly running out.


Why is this happening only to us?  Trust me, it is not.  These new fee and insurance requirements are district wide as it is a directive from the school board.  Other schools are feeling the same strain on clubs.


Who can I contact about these changes?  Your Board of Education member is Beth Wilder.  Beth Wilder can be reached at bwilder67@gmail.com  

The Director of Operations is Jeffrey Wilson.  He can be reached at jeffrey.wilson@hsv-k12.org


What does this mean for this semester?  I have confirmation for SteamWorks to offer two clubs per day on two days, Chess, Fantasy Playhouse, and possibly FitKids and Art.  


What does this mean going forward? Next year and on?? Honestly, I do not know.  The PTA board is in discussion right now on the feasibility of the After School Enrichment position in the future.  With the new requirements it appears clubs is leaning more toward non-profits coming in the schools and away from the parent or volunteer led activities.  And with the growth of HCES we are running out of space to host them.  If you believe hosting clubs is a priority, please let PTA know and we will forward your concerns to Ms. Spivey.

Clubs ~ What is going on and why?