Parents, PLEASE wait outside for club dismissal.  The doors remain locked after normal school hours.  Club instructors will escort students to the front lobby when the club ends.  


Administrative policy changes have driven some changes in our clubs this year.  Please note:


  1.  All registrations must be turned into clubs no later than August 26th.

  2. All payments, registration, and after club arrangement information is collected digitally.  No checks.

  3. All children enrolled in clubs will walk from their classrooms to the gym, where they will meet their club leaders and then go as a group to their classrooms.

  4.  Club releases will occur outside of the school, at the front porch by the main entry doors.  Parents are not authorized to enter the school to pick their children up from clubs.  All parents must wait outside for club leaders to bring the children down and sign them over to their parents.

Chess Team Information

The Hampton Cove Elementary School Chess Team is a competitive group that meets once per week.  We compete on both an individual and collective, team basis against other chess teams from all over the state during the 2 required tournaments.  There are optional tournaments that the kids can also play in if they want to get even better.  The first semester each year is more focused on fun, where brand new players are encouraged to sign up, while the Spring semester is really geared towards playing the game of chess at a higher level.  


Each semester, we prepare the children for this competition through lectures and practical experience with our internal chess team tournament held during our weekly meetings.  All that is required to join the chess team each Fall is knowing how the pieces move.  This information is easy to find and learn via YouTube, or  As the children improve, some are even invited to practice for additional time with the HCMS chess team.  Age and grade are not necessarily an indicator of chess talent and the kids love to learn what it takes to take down an adult on the chess board!


Chess has many social, psychological, and academic benefits.  It teaches us logic, critical thinking, and provides a mental (and physical) toughness that might not otherwise be obtained.  Chess skills directly correlate with those necessary for success in mathematics, engineering and is an excellent supplement to a STEAM curriculum.    


We hope you'll encourage your children to give chess a shot!  Please email us at with any questions you may have.