Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.

The Hampton Cove Elementary School PTA relies on volunteers.  We try to provide many opportunities both during school and after school hours for parents/guardians to volunteer.  

During School Hours:

Library:  The library sends a SignUp Genius each month to coordinate volunteers.  A link will be provided once the first one of the year is sent.  A shift consists of three hours in either the morning or afternoon to help check books in/out, organize shelves, help with special projects, and assist students as needed.

Happy Cart:  The happy cart is a bi-monthly breakfast cart provided to staff.  We rely on volunteers to purchase or bake breakfast goods and ice.  PTA provides all paper goods and sodas as well as a cart to organize.  PTA will refund expenses up to $50 total for each happy cart day.  PTA cannot reimburse more than the allotted $50 total.

Committee/Events:  PTA needs assistance running its programs such as book fair and mistletoe market.  

Outside School Hours:

PTA hosts many events that need planning and organizing that can occur outside of school hours.  These events include Trunk or Treat, Silent Auction, and after school dances to name a few.  If you are interested in helping with any of these events please view the committee/event sign up above.

We also have need of volunteers to assist with things such as landscaping, spirit nights, and those who will support the Space Club. Again, these items are covered in the committee/event sign up above.

4th Grade Parents:  

Hampton Cove Elementary hosts a bridging ceremony for all 5th graders in May.  Traditionally a 4th grade parent organizes and carries out the event for the 5th graders.  Parents who take on this duty are thanked with front row seats to their own childs bridging ceremony the following year.  Any parents interested in assisting with the bridging ceremony can contact the PTA at